Liaoning Provincial Industrial Workshop Air Pollution Treatment Technology Engineering Research Center established by Megaunity Environmental focuses on research and development of overall plant fume treatment and environmental control technology, and is committed to developing into an international first-class and domestic leading solution service provider of industrial plant air pollution treatment system. Focusing on the three major themes of “system design and optimization”, “key equipment and independent development” and “energy saving, efficient and reliable equipment”, the center carries out the work of “mature technology upgrading, core technology breakthrough and new technology innovation and development” mainly. The center has carried out technical cooperation actively, established friendly cooperative relations with domestic scientific research institutes and foreign companies, and carried out industry university research cooperation and technology introduction extensively.

Technical cooperation with domestic research institutes

  • November 2017, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University — Organic Waste Gas Treatment Technology Research and Project Cooperation
  • 2017 August, China Academy of Building Research — Research on high-space space dust control technology and equipment
  • February 2018, Institute of Industrial Explosion and Protection, Northeastern University - Research Cooperation on Explosion-proof Dust Removal Technology
  • May 2019, research cooperation with Donghua University in materials technology

Cooperation with worldwide enterprises of leading industrial technology from Germany, Japan and Sweden

  • February 2008, Product technical cooperation with Eisenmann, Germany
  • August 2010, Product technical cooperation with Bristol, Germany
  • February 2015, Product cooperation with Absolent, Sweden
  • November 2018, Product technical cooperation with Ebara, Japan

Megaunity Environmental has R & D centers in Dalian and Shanghai respectively. Among them, Dalian R & D center covers an area of 18500 square meters, with technical center, laboratory and pilot workshop. The technology center has electrostatic technology laboratory, filtration technology laboratory, filter material application laboratory, smoke and dust treatment engineering room, liquid mist treatment engineering room, VOCs treatment engineering room, and system process analysis room. The laboratory has gas analysis, liquid mist test, smoke test, noise test and other analysis and test instruments. The equipment and instruments are in the advanced level of the industry.

Megaunity Environmental has been committed to research and exploration of new technologies for air pollution treatment, and has built an air pollution treatment laboratory center in line with international standard of ENSO7235. The laboratory has established research and development test modules, such as ventilation terminal product performance test system, filter cartridge dust collector back-flush test system, oil mist purifier performance test system, and large space dust removal and purification experimental platform. Air pollution treatment numerical simulation, physical simulation experiment, new technology and new product pilot platform has been formed. Megaunity Environmental will continue to introduce world-class environmental protection concepts and technologies to promote the progress of new environmental protection technologies.

Manufacturing base and R & D center building of Dalian Megaunity Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd.

The company has set up a ventilation terminal product performance test system, filter cartridge dust collector back-flush test system, and collected back-flush test data, which provides strong support for design and research of back-flush structure. Oil mist purifier performance test system can collect purification data and air volume data, simulate different application environments, and provide basis for improving product performance. Large space dust removal and purification experimental platform adopts a single purification and refrigeration equipment instead of centralized purification and dust removal system. Large space split cycle scheme can be determined through test system analysis of large space circulation environment.


Back-flush test system                                                           Test console


Oil mist simulation test system                      Purification equipment tested


    Panorama of laboratory                                  Interior view of laboratory

Honors of Scientific Research

  • In 2016, Dalian Economic and Information Technology Commission recognized our company as “Dalian Enterprise Technology Center”;

  • In 2016, Dalian Science and Technology Bureau recognized our company as “Dalian Engineering Technology Research Center”;

  • In 2017, the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission recognized our company as “Liaoning Provincial Engineering Research Center”;

  • In 2018, our company undertook one key sci-tech R&D project of Dalian; 

  • In 2019, our company was rated as "Liaoning Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center" by Liaoning Provincial Industry and Information Department;

  • In 2019, our company undertookthe construction project of Integrated Sharing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carrier for National Large, Medium and Small-sized Enterprises.




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