Painting workshop VOCs treatment

Coating refers to the metal and non-metal surface covering protective layer or decorative layer, is the product surface protection and decoration of the most basic technical means.The coating process can be summarized as: pretreatment → spraying → drying or curing.The pretreatment generally includes oil removal, rust removal and passivation (phosphating).For different coating and corrosion resistance requirements, oil removal, rust removal, phosphating and other treatment methods should be based on the status of the workpiece raw materials to choose.Sand blasting, shot blasting or polishing process in pre-treatment derusting process is also used in different sectors of different industries as required.

Industrial characteristics

According to the painting production process, the waste gas of painting mainly comes from the pretreatment, spraying and drying process, and the pollutants discharged are mainly dust or acid fog generated in the pretreatment process, paint fog and organic solvent generated during painting, and organic solvent generated during drying and volatilization.The paint mist mainly comes from the part of the solvent based paint in the air spraying operation, and its composition is consistent with the paint used.Organic solvents mainly come from solvents and diluents in the process of coating application. Most of them are volatile emissions, and the main pollutants are xylene, benzene, toluene, etc.The harmful waste gas discharged in painting is mainly concentrated in painting production line, in which painting room, drying room and drying room are the main source of waste gas.

Production and pollution links of industry

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