Paint industry VOCs treatment

Coating is a kind of chemical mixture coating which can cover the surface of object firmly with the purposes of protection, decoration, marking and other. Coatings belong to fine chemical products according to the classification of modern chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multifunctional engineering materials and an important industry in chemical industry.

Industrial characteristics

Raw materials used in some coating plants have certain toxicity, such as various solvents, pigments containing lead and chromium, which may cause poisoning or occupational diseases. Some raw materials such as solvent, nitrocellulose, grease and so on are flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Therefore, coating plant should be equipped with good ventilation device, perfect safety and explosion-proof measures, fire-fighting equipment, necessary labor protection and health facilities to protect the health of workers. For treatment of waste gas from coating plant, exhaust gas purification technology with excellent quality and technology should be selected to achieve satisfactory results.

Production and pollution links of industry

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