Packaging and Printing Industry VOCs treatment

Packaging printing is a printing method and post press processing technology for beautifying, identifying and publicizing commodities. It is a new printing industry system developed and formed on the basis of general printing technology by applying the achievements of general printing technology. Therefore, packaging printing is not only an important part of modern packaging, but also a new branch of printing technology, and has become a pivotal industry in China.

Industrial characteristics

Main products of packaging and printing factory are printed products of various plastic films. Color ink and organic thinner are widely used in production. Diluent (solvent) for ink is mainly toluene, ethyl acetate, acetone and a small amount of butanone. These solvents will be changed into VOCs in the production process, and a large amount of waste gas will be discharged. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective collection methods and purification process to treat VOCs waste gas discharged from production workshop of packaging and printing factory.

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