Filter Cartridge Dust Removing And Filtration Section

Flter Cartridge Dust Removing And Filtration Section adopts modular design and modular production and can realize the combination of air volume of any module. It integrates filter materials on a large scale, has a short delivery period, is economical and practical, and has high fitration precision. Itsfiltration efficiency for soo dust(0.3um)is up to 99.9%.The equipment is suitable for purifying the dry, oil-free, non-corrosive gas mixtures generated in the process of welding or cutting, and applies to the recovery of rare metal and valuable materal recovery. The equipment is an ideal flue gas purfication equipment in industrial processing.

Product Features

1) Thefiter cartridge is made of importedfiter materal, and dfferent materials of fiter cartidges are provided according todfferent media characteristics to ensure the fitration performance;

2) Patented backflushing technology saves the consumption of compressed air and prolongs the service life o fitercartrige;

3) The modular design of the dust collctor makes the assembly flexible and convenient;

4) Optional ire retardant,fire extinguishing,explosion-proof, pre-fiteing,pre-spraying functions and so on;

5) According to customer requirements, a variety of dust collecting structure designs are provided;

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