Distributed Environmental Control System For High Smoke And Dust Space

The tall smoke space distributed environment control system takes the air conditioning dust remover as the core product, adopts the scheme of ventilation dust removal + temperature and humidity control + cluster layout, effectively realizes the displacement filtration ventilation air distribution form, with less investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency and flexible layout as its main advantages.

System Overview And Principle

Air conditioning dedusting machines are arranged in clusters in the large space to realize temperature and humidity adjustment and smoke purification. The installation height of return air inlet is 5.0-6.5 meters, and the installation height of air supply outlet is 1-2 meters. The installation in the above height can better purify and control temperature and humidity. The stand-alone takes the fan as the air power source, purifies by means of sedimentation and filtration, and then returns to the room after adjusting the temperature and humidity through the temperature and humidity control unit. Air supply outlets are located at a height of 1-2m above the ground, directly providing fresh air for personnel after purification. stand-alone has self-cleaning system and dust collecting device, which can be free from maintenance for a long time; With the advanced mobile control terminal, the remote control of stand-alone or cluster system can be realized.

System Advantages

Efficient:The air outlet is installed at a suitable height for maximum capture efficiency. (welding dust gathering cloud);6-7 meters of return air height, low heat and humidity load.

Energy Saving:The equipment is completely used for cyclic filtration, with no long-distance transportation or action.

Flexible:Compact size and flexible installation, eliminating the huge air duct system.

Personality:Centralized and decentralized investment, can realize wireless management of single-machine clusters.

Anti-risk:Single unit maintenance, single unit stopping, without affecting the overall situation.

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