The Overall Plant Ventilation Dust Control System

As the state gradually improves the environmental protection requirements, the air quality in the plant not only needs to meet the temperature and humidity requirements for process production and working environment, but shall also ensure that the smoke dust of the plant meets the national occupational health standards. Zhaohe Environment integrates the air conditioning system and the dust removing system into a complete set of equipment, and selects the best air supply and exhaust technology for different on-site conditions to process the temperature and smoke dust of the whole plant, so as to ensure the occupational health of employees in the work area while solving the production process requirements for temperature and humidity in the production workshop. The overall plant ventilation and dust control system is mainly used for production workshops with large welding workpieces and moving crane, where the traditional collection modes cannot process, or the processing technology is affected.

Systems Technology

The system uses many mature and advanced air treatment technologies to achieve higher energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.

1)   Replacing air supply and conditioning technology

2)   Positive-pressure air supply technology

3)   Secondary air return air conditioning technology

4)   Fresh air conditioning technology

5)   High-efficiency filter cartridge dust removal technology

6)   Visualized centralized control technology

7)   Explosion-proof ventilation technology

Numerical Simulation Of Flow Field

Concentration Simulation Of Pollutants

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