Hypergravity Dust Collector

Hypergravty Dust Colector is a kind of dust removal device that inegrates various dust removal mechanisms such as centrifugal sedimentation, filtration, mechanical rotary collision, inertial colilsion capture and diffusion, water film and so on.The device makes use of the large centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating core to make fluid produce high dispersion, high turbulence,strong mixing in the rotor,and to produce a large and rapidly renewed phase surface among gas-liquid-solid various phases in the core, so that the microscopic mixing process is greatly enhanced, thus maximizing the efectveness of dust capture of liquid. The device is used to treat conventional dust, sticky particles, high concentration dust, explosive dust and high temperature soot.I's suitable for treatment of metal and cutting material dust in metal material cutting process; metal and abrasive dust treatment in metal grinding and polishing process; treatment of dust generated during coal belt transportation and dust generated during coal mine crusher operates; purfication of soot produced during furnace feeding, refining, and slag removal; and treatment of dust generated during furniture polishing process.

Product Features

1)   High purification efficiency: the capture rate of soot can reach 99%;

2)   Low water content at the outlet: the water content at the net gas outlet is lower than 0.5mg/m3;

3)   The equipment has strong adaptability: there is no requirement for the humidity, conductivity, flammability and explosiveness of the soot;

4)   The main unit can be self-cleaned: the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the inner core is thrown to the inner surface of the shell and forms a strong flushing force, so that no particles remain in the rotating core, and the inside of the shell never has structural phenomenon

5)   Stable operation of the equipment: Since the rotary core has been kept clean, the running resistance of the equipment is stable, the purification efficiency of the equipment is continuous, and the noise of the equipment is constant.

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