Tube Wet-Type Electrostatic Purifier

It is applicable to hot forging and heat treatment process flue gas purification, with continuous or intermittent rinsing and cleaning ability, can handle viscous soot and graphite dust, can also be used in electrolytic aluminum plant flue gas purification, coke oven flue gas purification, pickling tank acid mist treatment , VOCs front-end processing, steel mill smoke environmental protection treatment, etc., and can achieve centralized treatment of smoke.

Product Features

1)  Honeycomb polar plate: The honeycomb-shape dust collecting pole has a larger dust collecting area. Under the same processing capacity, the volume is small, the material is small, and the investment cost is low.

2)  Strip electrode: There is a centrally arranged strip electrode made of stainless steel in each honeycomb plate with thread fastening and a single weight suspension to ensure the center distance of the electrode and ensure the supply voltage.

3)  Air flow distribution: The adjustable air distribution plate ensures optimal gas distribution within the electric field, and improves purification efficiency.

4)  Continuous spray: a spray device is arranged between the gas distribution plate and the electric field, and the water is continuously sprayed for gas adjustment, which can effectively reduce the specific resistance of the smoke dust, and collect dust particles by inertial collision, adsorption condensation, diffusion, and so on, and improve purification efficiency.

5)  Periodic flushing: Arrange a flushing device on the upper part of the electric field, prolong the maintenance cycle through periodically functioning honeycomb-shape dust collecting pole and corona pole, suppress secondary dust from the principle, effectively eliminate the anti-corona phenomenon, and improve the purification efficiency of unit area.

6)  High-voltage constant current source power supply: The output voltage changes with the change of load, which makes the wet electrostatic cleaning equipment run at high efficiency, and it has good spark control characteristics and good equipment stability, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.

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