Cleaning Electrostatic Purifier

Megaunity and German BRISTOL have joined hands in offering excellent services to customers, by combining high-quality oil mist purification products from Germany with Megaunity's excellent system design and project management capabilities.

All of our products meet EU CE standards with fire resistance certification obtained, and we can provide customized services according to different personal demands.

Product Features

  • When collecting and purifying fume in the die-casting process, this product is mainly used for solving working smoke pollution or in other similar working conditions.
  • There are no consumables with electrostatic filtration method. Its self-cleaning function can effectively extend the manual maintenance period so as to reduce operating costs.
  • With patented moisture-resistant electrostatic core structure, it can make stable operation while cleaning.
  • Spark detection and automatic fire extinguishing system (optional).
  • Automatic cleaning control system (optional).

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