Explosion-Proof Dust Removal System

Industrial products generate a variety of flammable and explosive dusts during the processing and manufacturing process. For such dangerous dusts, an explosion-proof dust removing system must be installed to ensure production safety. The explosion-proof dust collector designed and manufactured by Zhaohe Environment has obtained ATEX explosion-proof international certification. On the basis of following the national standard and specifications, the explosion-proof dust removal system adopts redundant safety protection schemes, such as explosion venting, explosion-proof, explosion suppression, anti-explosion, anti-static, spark detection and extinction, to ensure the safe operation of the system.

Range Of Application

The explosion-proof dust-removing system is applicable to various independent dust-generating points with anti-explosion and explosion-proof requirements. The dust collector shell has been strengthened by design, and subjected to anti-explosion strength and finite element analysis of dynamics, which can meet the requirements of explosion-proof specifications. The high-efficiency filter element equipped can effectively guarantee the purifying efficiency and improve air cleanliness.

Applicable Industry

Wood processing, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, coal industry, plastics industry, chemical industry, metal processing;

Solation Valve

The explosion-proof valve independently developed by Zhaohe Environment is a type of passive and one-way isolation and explosion protection system component, which has the advantages such as wide application range, low maintenance cost and small pressure loss. It is generally installed on the inlet process pipeline of dust collector and other equipment. Under the normal working condition of the dust removing system, the explosion-proof valve keeps normally open under the action of the balance block and negative air pressure, and normally delivers dust; when the dust removing system explodes, the explosion-proof valve realizes passive and rapid sealing under the action of the explosion pressure wave, and it automatically locked by the self-locking device; it effectively prevents the flame and pressure wave generated by the explosion from propagating from the initial position to other process units, thereby avoiding the occurrence of "secondary" explosion or continuous explosion accident, and reducing the explosion disaster.

Product Features

  • Use finite element analysis technology to optimize design and enhance the reinforcement position, size, valve size, auxiliary accessories, etc., to avoid large deformation of the valve flap and resulting in leakage.
  • Use dynamic analysis technology to optimize the design of the self-locking device, balance block quality and force arm distance, achieve small pressure loss and rapid response, and ensure effective isolation of the explosion flame.
Product Qualification

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