Bag Dust Removing And Filtration Section

After the dust-containing airflow is sucked into the dust collector, the fine dust particles accumulate on the surface of the filter bag to form a layer of “powder cake”, which further improves the filtration efficiency. Clean air passes through the filter bag and reaches the exit.

When it is necessary to clean the dust, the dust cleaning controller issues a command to control the pulse valve, and uses high-pressure low-volume compressed air to blow the filter bag.The compressed air can be sprayed and cleaned by means of timing or constant pressure difference, forcing the dust on the surface of the filter bag to fall into the ash bucket.

Product Features

1)   Module design, diversified size and model

2)   Multiple choices for filter material and filter bag size

3)   Continuous operation by online/offline cleaning

4)   Strong structure and reliable performance

5)   The air distribution is well organized, the dust removing efficiency is improved, and the operating pressure is lowered.

6)   Low equipment resistance reduces operating costs

7)   Filtration efficiency exceeds 99.95%

8)   Complete safety facilities

9)   Modular design for air bag

10) Top-mounted compressed air components for easy maintenance

11) Intelligent blowing controller can adjust pulse cleaning time and interval

12) Explosion-proof design (optional)

Application Industry

Foundry, cement, flame cutting, chemical industry, grain, mining, etc

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