CFP Series Al-In-One Dusting Machine

The dust collector is mainly used for dust removal of laser cutting machines, shot blasting machines, plasma cutting machines and other dry cutting devices, to solve the problems in the dust removing process of these devices, such as difficulty to capture, sparks burning out filter cartridges easily, smoldering of filter cartridges, and difficulty to clear the dust collected. For conventional dry cutting devices, standardized products and services can be provided, and also personalized design can be provided according to different specifications of equipment manufacturers.

Product Features

1) According to the characteristics of laser cutting machines of different manufacturers and the local conditions, the appropriate dust collection type is selected. For laser cutting devices with large power and large board, capture in partition is adopted. According to the situation of the laser cutting machine, different air extraction modes such as single-side ventilation, double-side ventilation and intermediate ventilation, or it can be set according to the requirements of the cutting machine manufacturer.

2) High-efficiency spark collector’s collecting efficiency of the large particles carrying sparks with particle size above 20um is close to 100%, avoiding sparks from entering the filter cartridge and ensuring the safe operation of the filter cartridge.

3) Adopt imported polyester fiber filter substrate to ensure high filtration efficiency in a stable and reliable way; for the characteristics of laser cutting machine dust, targeted coating is used to facilitate dust removal; flat filter cartridge is used to save space, and the intercepting dust surface is installed vertically to facilitate dust removal; the large folding angle effectively prevents the dust from being entrained in the folds, and makes the backflushing smoother.

4) The equipment has a complete fire retardant system. The fire retardant system is mainly composed of a smoke detector, a PLC controller, a fire alarm, and a fireproof valve. In case of smoldering, it is possible to effectively control the fire and prevent the fire from spreading to devices such as laser cutting machines, ensuring no major losses.

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