CF Series All-In-One Dusting Machine

The pulse jetting filter cartridge dust collector is an advanced high-efficiency filter cartridge dust collector. It is a large-scale dust removing device with large air volume, good dust cleaning effect, high dust removing efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small floor space.

CF Series All-In-One Dusting Machine is suitable for the compact work layout and site, requiring small floor space. The product adopts the international leading nano fiber membrane filtration technology. It can automatically clean the ash, has high fitration precision, and has a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for soot(0.3um). Furthermore, it can maintain an extremely high gas flow. The equipment is suitable for purifying the dry, oil-free, non-corrosive gas mixtures generated in the process of welding or cutting, and applies to the recovery of rare metal and valuable material recovery. The equipment is an ideal flue gas purification equipment in industrial processing.

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