Mechanical Oil Mist Purifier

Megaunity mechanical oil mist purification equipment is specifically designed to treat the fine oil mist particles generated by metal cutting fluid jet impact and high temperature evaporation during metal processing such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. It adopts imported composite glass fiber filter core, which has high purification efficiency, low running resistance and long service life.

Product Mix

1)   Air Inlet

2)   Washable Pre-Filter

3)   Oil-Resistant F9 Filter

4)   Electronic Control Unit

Product Features
  • Unique oil-resistant core provides high stable filter efficiency.
  • With outstanding self-release ability, the core has a longer service life.
  • Has function of differential pressure indication and alarm.
  • Suitable for aqueous cutting fluid (emulsion)
CE Certification For Oil Mist Purifier

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