Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) works on the principle that 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will oxidize into CO2and H2O at a temperature above 760°C within 0.5s to 1s. When exhausting, the heat accumulator absorbs the heat from the high-temperature exhaust gas; when intaking, the heat is released to preheat the exhaust gas from ambient temperature to above 760°C, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, which effectively reduces the heat consumption during equipment operation.

Applicable To Industry And Operating Conditions

Application Industry:Coating、Chemical、Pharmacy、Printing、Petrochemical Engineering

Component: One Or More Components

Pollutant Concentration Requirements:1-10g/Nm³

Technical Principle And Process Description

Waste gas containing VOCs enters into RTO equipment; in the heat regenerative room, the honeycomb porcelain body pre-heats up waste gas until above 760℃; then burner controls the oxidation at a minimum temperature of not less than 800℃; VOCs waste gas stays in the oxidation room for 0.5—1s; under the high temperature, it is oxidized into CO2and water (H2O); in the oxidation, heat is released so that waste gas temperature is further increased; then it passes through the heat regenerative room; the porcelain body absorbs the heat of high-temperature gas for pre-heating of waste gas in the subsequent circulation; the cooled smoke is exhausted into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Each heat regenerative room undergoes the heat regenerative—heat release—blowing process in sequence and realizes continuous circulation. Given the existence of 3rd chamber, the transfer of air flow becomes more stable. Upon“heat release”in the heat regenerative room, a part of treated clean exhaust air is introduced to replace VOCs in front of the blower and blow up the heat regenerative room; upon cleaning,“heat regenerative”procedure is started up; the direct exhaust status of RTO in two (2) chambers is eliminated and purification efficiency is above 99.5%.

Technical Treatment Effect And Advantage

  • Three-chamber RTO purification efficiency is above 99.5%.
  • When the concentration of waste gas is above 3g/Nm3, new standard may be considered; upon enhancement of sealing property and upgrading of temperature resistant design of the system, the purification efficiency can reach 99.8%.
  • The porcelain heat accumulator resistant against silicon dioxide scaling is able to dampen negative impact of organic silicon in the coating industry.

MEGAUNITY  will provide you with customized solutions

  • Investigate existing energy requirements, exhaust gas composition, temperature and concentration;
  • Assessment of emission compliance and energy recovery;
  • Evaluate possible solutions by observing the economic indicators of different types of devices;
  • Providing design services in the process of making plans and evaluating economy;
  • Submit design results;
  • Evaluating investment costs;
  • Submit the best solution and quotation, reduce the customer's comprehensive cost;
  • Work with customers to develop implementation plans;
  • Provide training and guidance to your staff on new technologies.

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