Case Study|Megaunity Partners with COSCO Shipping Group to Build a Green Paint Shop

VOCs in the paint shop are mainly generated by the organic solvents in paintings, with the primary pollutants such as benzene, esters, ketones, alcohols, etc. In response to the national environmental protection policy, Qidong COSCO Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., an industrial player with a high sense of social responsibility, is to install the additional pre-treatment devices + VOCs treatment equipment in its paint shop. As the winner of the public bidding open for this project, Megaunity designed two sets of VOCs treatment systems for Qidong, ensuring that its centralized emissions meet the environmental protection requirements and helping Qidong achieve green construction goals. 

Characteristics of the Project

(1) The project relates primarily to oil-based paints.
(2) The design takes full account of the inconsistency of VOCs’ concentrations in the emission during different operations in the shop.
(3) Tailored design for pre-treating heavy paint mist.
(4) The ventilation system capable of being freely switched while maintaining air pressure balance to meet the treatment demand occurred during the operation on an irregular basis.
Treatment Process 
Front-end pre-treatment upgrade + zeolite rotor (KPR) + RTO
Designed air volume: 200000Nm³/h (Phase I), 30000Nm³/h (Phase II).
Designed concentration: 800-1000mg/Nm3, suitable for the scenario with short time concentration ≥ 1000 mg/Nm³ 
Project Pictures

Customer Profile

Qidong COSCO Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise under COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Group, specializing in the design, building, and repair of offshore engineering equipment, ship/non-ship products. As a pioneer in China’s offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry and a turnkey service provider, it designs, procures, builds, and commissions offshore engineering equipment for international oil companies. The Company designs and makes almost all types of high-end products applicable for both shallow and ultra-deep sea scenarios, oil and gas platforms, and offshore engineering vessels, such as the DANA, the first domestic cylinder-type FPSO turnkey project, the SEVAN DRILLER, the first and the world’s most advanced cylinder-type ultra-deep sea drilling and storage platform, and SUPER M2, the world’s first self-propelled jack-up drilling rig, etc. The Company has built a good reputation as a leading marine engineering equipment designer in China and worldwide.
With Japan’s advanced VOCs treatment technology and quality management concept and the strong capacity in system process design and project management, Megaunity has successfully implemented over 100 VOCs treatment projects and delivered customized VOCs treatment services involving the process design, core equipment manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Megaunity has already entered into cooperation with Akzo Nobel, Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd., HEC, and many other famous enterprises, partnering with those from shipbuilding, coating, pharmaceutical, pesticide, petrochemical, and many other sectors. Megaunity hopes to join hands with more stakeholders in the environmental protection area to strive to build a beautiful China! 

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