Megaunity was approved to be a branch of Liaoning Industrial Technology Research Institute in 2021

On December 17, Liaoning Important Technology Innovation and R&D Base Construction Engineering Center released the Decision of Liaoning Industrial Technology Research Institute on Starting the Construction of Branches in 2021, and Megaunity has been approved to be the new branch.

35 well-known experts in the province were invited to review 75 candidates operating in seven strategic emerging industries: high-end equipment, new generation information technology, new materials, biomedicine, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and agriculture, and selected two types of branches that meet the future development goals and tasks of the Institute: the research institutes and the joint innovation center of enterprises. After the preliminary declaration, site inspection, expert review, etc., Megaunity has been identified as Megaunity Joint Innovation Center of Liaoning Industrial Technology Research Institute, and become one of the 19 newly approved branches. 

Up to now, Liaoning Industrial Technology Research Institute has built 41 branches. A dedicated S&T service professional is assigned to each branch to facilitate its R&D efforts and help it commercialize its R&D achievements. Meanwhile, the Institute also leverages its ample resources to support the branch units in the areas of information search, scientific and technological literature retrieval, large R&D instrument sharing, competitive intelligence consulting, policy counseling, talent introduction, industry-university-research cooperation, S&T financing information, etc.

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