Case Study: an efficient and safe VOCs treatment solution for HEC Group

As one of the leading domestic players operating with internationally sourced chemical pharmaceutical ingredients, HEC Group has been making great efforts to develop better environmental protection technologies for treating the waste water, waste gas and solid waste more efficiently. With the latest waste gas emission standards being implemented, the HEC Group needs to upgrade the environmental protection technology applied in its newly built BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemicals) production base in Yichang, which involves the collection and treatment of VOCs produced in multiple scenarios, such as synthesis workshop, collection pond, regulating pond, etc.

Megaunity’s highly experienced technical team has delivered a well-thought-out solution to treat the waste gas with complex and corrosive composition and highly variable concentrations, so that the customer produces the emission up to the local standard, and achieve the sustainable development with environmentally friendly technology.

Characteristics of the VOCs 

1. Highly variable exhaust volume and concentrations, and complex composition;
2. Corrosive substances; 
3. High humidity and concentration;
4. Salt substances;
5. Pungent smell;

The system adopts the pre-treatment + RTO + post-treatment process, which first collects and pre-treats the waste gas from both the production process and the sewage pool, so that the treatment equipment in the following stage can operate with a reduced workload for better treatment performance. The tailored air inlet arrangement for VOCs with corrosive composition and highly variable concentrations not only lowers the risk of having the treatment equipment in the following stage corroded by the waste gas and blocked by the dust contained in it, but also regulates the concentration of the waste gas entering the RTO, so that a safe, stable, efficient and energy-saving treatment process can be maintained; Besides, the system optimizes the air induction method, which effectively avoids the problems of cascading air and return air in each workshop. The system adopts a three-chamber RTO, with the actual emission of non-methane total hydrocarbons below 40mg/m3, and the removal efficiency over 99%.

RTO Chamber 

Project Pictures

Customer Profile

Yichang HEC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a production branch directly under the research institute of HEC Group, and is also wholly-owned by Yichang Dongyang Pharmaceutical, which is listed in Hong Kong. This project covers 0.67 km2 of land in total, and entails a total investment of RMB 3 billion, which will be capable of producing 150 varieties of new drugs, biological drugs, first generic drugs, and the Chinese, European and US generic drugs. After completion, it can produce about 25 varieties of BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemicals) and generic drugs, with the annual output of BPC reaching 100 tons.

With its self-developed and introduced treatment technologies, Megaunity has gained the recognition of well-known fine chemical enterprises at home and abroad, such as HEC Group, Dalian Chemphy Chemical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Huaying Chemical Co., Ltd., AkzoNobel, Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd., etc. We will continue to operate our business with the philosophy of “customer first”, and deliver efficient, safe and professional system solutions, so as to help our customers achieve green development. 

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