Megaunity brings new die-casting flue gas treatment products to the Shanghai Die-casting Exhibition

The 16th Shanghai International Die-casting Exhibition was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 7th to 9th. As the vane of the die-casting industry, the Die-casting Exhibition in this year attracted 408 exhibitors, and more than 15,000 professional visitors from the die-casting industry and related application fields came to visit. Megaunity exhibited the self-cleaning electrostatic purifier for the first time at this exhibition, and introduced and demonstrated the whole process air pollution purification system solutions and machining oil mist purification technology of die casting industry to the visiting audience.

Fang Jianru, General Manager of Dalian Yaming, visited the booth of Megaunity

Photo of customers coming to the booth to exchange

At this exhibition, the die-casting flue gas purification system promoted by Megaunity uses a self-cleaning electrostatic purifier as the host. It specifically addresses the problem of flue gas purification in the die-casting industry. By adopting an electrostatic filtration method, the equipment has no consumables and has a self-cleaning function. The patented moisture-resistant classic core structure can operate stably in a cleaning environment. The entire system is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, safety and stability, low maintenance cost, flexible and compact layout, and leading technology.

Industrial customers come to the booth to communicate

Megaunity's environmental professional team explained the exhibited equipment and introduced cases to customers

On the morning of July 8th, Megaunity held a technical exchange meeting on the "Environmental Air Pollution Control Technology and Solutions in the Die Casting Industry" at the booth. Wang Xu, chief engineer of Die Casting Business Line of Megaunity, made an introduction from the hazards of die casting flue gas, so that everyone obtained a more systematic understanding on Megaunity's treatment ideas and technical advantages of die casting flue gas. After the meeting, he conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with professional audiences after the meeting.

Wang Xu, Chief Engineer of Die Casting Business Line of Megaunity

Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent research and development, Megaunity has won many honors in the field of die-casting flue gas treatment. The flue gas treatment device of medium and large die-casting machines has won the second prize of environmental protection technology progress, and it has been appraised as domestic-leading level by Technical Appraisal organized by the Foundry Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Technical. The electrostatic technology has reached the world's advanced level; the equipment has been included in the "Zhongda Environmental Nationally-Encouraged Technology Catalog (2020 Edition)", and Megaunity has also become the supporting unit of this technology and equipment.

Megaunity has won many honors in the field of die casting

At present, Megaunity has reached cooperation with many industry partners such as Dalian Yaming, Changzhou Ryobi, etc., in order to solve the pain points of industry customers, and win customer recognition with excellent system design capabilities and rich engineering implementation experiences. In the future, Megaunity will also continue to uphold high quality, and take advantage of the trend in the die-casting era to join hands with more industry partners to serve more new and old customers in the die-casting industry, achieve environmental protection standards for die-casting enterprises, and provide workers with a healthy and safe production environment. We will work hard for the environmental goals of carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality.

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