Megaunity arrives in Jinggangshan to learn history of CCP and retakes the Long March

Carry forward spirit of Jinggangshan,
Let the spirit of Jinggangshan
Shine a new era.
"Following ideals firmly and persistently,
Seek truth from facts and break new paths.
Work hard to overcome difficulties,
Rely on the masses for victory."

As centenary of CCP is approaching, Dalian Megaunity Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. organized a middle and high-level management team to visit Jinggangshan, the sacred place of China's revolution, to start a two-day study of CCP history and re-take the red journey of the Long March.

Arrived at Jinggangshan Airport on the evening of June 24

At the opening ceremony, President Yao Weiguo made a mobilization speech. He pointed out that in October 1927, the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries including Mao Zedong and Zhu De led the Workers' and Peasants' Revolutionary Army to Jinggangshan and established China's first rural revolutionary base area, which opened up a way of "surrounding the city from countryside and seizing power with arms." The revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics has left a precious spiritual wealth for future generations - the Jinggangshan spirit. As an environmental protection company, Megaunity always put forward the goal of "building a century-old enterprise and creating a world-famous brand" at the beginning of the company. It is hoped that this trip to Jinggangshan will inspire Megaunity leadership team to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and inherit the revolutionary spirit of Jinggangshan, inherit the spirit of national responsibility, so as to achieve China's carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral environmental goals by 2060, and to make unremitting efforts to return blue sky and white clouds to future generations.

Opening ceremony: President Yao Weiguo delivered a speech

The two-day training included party history learning, re-walking the Long March Road on foot, grouped sand table exercises, visit to the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum, visit to the Martyrs Cemetery, and re-discovery sharing. The students from Megaunity have gained a lot from their full schedule and have absorbed the strength for long voyage.

First day

Zhou Aihua, deputy director of the Jinggangshan Struggle History Research Association, a member of the Jiangxi Historical Research Association, and visiting professor of history at the School of Humanities, Jinggangshan University, told the students from Megaunity about the revolutionary history of Jinggangshan.

During the journey of re-walking the Long March Road, the students from Megaunity departed from Shanggutian, passed through Maoping, and arrived at Xiangshan finally, completing a 15-kilometer journey. During the trip, they experienced dirt roads, mountains, villages and roads. The team members demonstrated the spirit of teamwork and mutual help. They faced the scorching sun in the first half of the journey, and caught up with the heavy rain in the second half of the journey. They supported each other for a common goal. They cooperated with each other to complete the tasks set along the way, each team overcame the difficulties of its own and the environment, insisted on reaching the end point, and enhanced the integration of team members during the process.

Company of Heroes: Gather strength to be invincible

Iron company: Powerful iron company, going forward courageously

Super Team: Beyond self, beyond dream

Be a king by solidarity: Be a king by solidarity, you are not afraid to fight all over the world

Second day

Sand table drill - the Red Army marches west to the desert
Through the experience and guidance of the game, the students from Megaunity not only understood the importance of goal setting and goal management, but also mastered the methods and tools for strategy execution and goal achievement. More importantly, the "West Desert" course uses group games to allow trainees to unknowingly reveal the problem, discover the essence of the problem, and finally find an effective solution.

Visit Jinggangshan Revolution Museum and Martyrs Cemetery

Jinggangshan Revolution Museum

Megaunity presents a wreath to the Martyrs Cemetery

Megaunity President Yao Weiguo and General Manager Yao Weiqiang pay tribute to the heroes on behalf of Megaunity

All the students from Megaunity in front of the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Monument

Closing ceremony

In the review and summary session, the coach from Trailwalker League Construction Organization announced the scores of each team in each activity session and the environment, and awarded certificates to the four teams. Each team representative shared their experience in the event, summed up their team's experience in the event and the areas for improvement.

At the closing ceremony, President of Megaunity reviewed the course of the Jinggangshan Revolution, and proposed that this trip to Jinggangshan made Megaunity people feel the baptism of spirit, which would be a new starting point for our lives. We must carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan: firm beliefs and ideals, seeking truth from facts, active exploration, and hard work; while material life is enriching, we must constantly enrich our thoughts and enrich our spiritual world at the same time. Preach the spirit of Jinggangshan to our colleagues and our families in Megaunity, so that more people will inherit the spirit of Jinggangshan that spans time and space, and encourage us to study, work and live better.

Megaunity also invited Secretary-General Zhang Juan of the Liaoning Environmental Protection Industry Association as a special observer for this event. Secretary-General Zhang participated in the whole process. She gave a good appraisal to Megaunity for its organization, team spirit, solid work in the field of environmental protection, and contributions to China's environmental protection cause.

Special observer: Zhang Juan, Secretary-General of Liaoning Environmental Protection Industry Association delivers a speech

Relive the red history, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, and personally feel the fine style of older generation of revolutionaries and the Jinggangshan spirit that spans time and space. The Jinggangshan spirit of "firm conviction, hard work, seek truth from facts, dare to break new roads, rely on the masses, and be brave to innovate" is the essence of the Chinese revolution, and is also the source of strength and spiritual motivation for our contemporary workers in all walks of life. Megaunity people should learn to carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan, and with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, be down-to-earth in work, be brave to innovate, and pursue excellence. On the occasion of centennial of CCP and the 27th year of the company's development, we will not forget our original intentions and gather our strengths for a long journey.

Group photo of all the trainees of Megaunity Jinggangshan Tour on June 26, 2021

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