Megaunity helped Zhong Tong Bus Holding to build its environmental protection welding workshop

Since Zhong Tong Bus Holding Co., Ltd began to specifically manufacture bus, it had achieved superior developing performance by the acceleration of innovation and the forging of its green brand image. In recent years, Zhong Tong Bus developed rapidly since its new energy bus base completed, and its bus has obtained higher occupancy in the whole new green energy market.

As a representative of the expansion as well as the innovation of this industry, Zhong Tong Bus insists on the principle of ‘human oriented’ and holds a great motto of ‘synchronization with the development of mankind, greatness by long-term benign operation.’ Its culture puts its staffs at the first place so that trying to provide opportunities and conditions to each of its staff. In 2018, it planned to introduce a new production line to its new medium-sized new energy bus, and procured by open tendering for its suppling environment protection system of solder wiring procedure. Megaunity environmental won this bidding and became in charge of the general smoke management of welding, assembling and fabricating in 2020. Combining with the characteristics of the welding work area operations, Megaunity took advantages of their own professional design team, in view of differentiated project process scenario dedusting requirements, using different capture and supply plan, made indoor welding smoke density and outdoor emission concentration all meet standard requirements, provided the safeguard for workshop staff's health and made practical solutions to reduce air pollution. At the same time, its proprietary equipment lowered the general operation expenditure and saved energy for the client.

Difficulties of the project in welding area
1. Linear processing of the whole production line refused an instant partial overlapping.
2. The main dock needs to be moved back and forth to match differentiated assembling order, so stationary vacuum cleaner could not be applied; besides, it couldn’t be put above the line either for some workplace was already designed above the production line.
3. Welding area required high power devices for its greater workload.
Project plan
According to the smoke and dust treatment difficulties in the welding area of body assembly section, body welding line welding section, skeleton repair welding section, and the welding work section of frame and parts, targeted collection solution is adopted in this project. The body welding station adopts the patented technology of Megaunity environmental to seal the local area, and the overall displacement ventilation air distribution is formed in the sealed area to meet the requirements of indoor cleanliness. The combined dust removal unit can not only achieve control in specific section, but also adjust the proportion of fresh air and external exhaust air according to the seasonal change, so as to provide the operator with the best air while save energy to the greatest extent.

Schematic diagram of air conditioning dust removal unit

3D simulation diagram of the project - the welding workshop

3D simulation diagram of the project - the fabricating workshop

3D simulation diagram of the project - the assembling workshop

Photos of the project

Brief introduction of the client
Zhong Tong Bus Holding Co., Ltd was found in 1958 and began to specifically product buses in 1971. It was listed in Shenzhen in 2000 and was one of the earliest bus production enterprises and listed bus enterprises. Now, the general asset of it has reached 15 billion. It manages more than 5000 staffs and its factories cover 934000 square meters, and owns more than 2000 major production devices. Its modernized production line holds advanced level universally, which allows Zhong Tong to produce more than 30000 energy-saving and new energy buses per year.
Now, its product list involves highway buses from 6 meters to 18 meters, including city, tour, high-end business, school, logistics, special buses and others, totally 16 series deriving more than 260 branches, which brings strong market competitiveness to the enterprise. Among those buses, new energy buses as well as hydrogen fuel buses have taken the leading place in the whole market, and obtain benign social effect and economic benefits.
This project was located in the Phoenix Industrial Park in Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City. It aimed at producing 5000 new energy light buses, 10000 new energy medium-sized buses and 15000 new energy light trucks. It seized the opportunity of expanding and modeling the production of new energy buses, relying on the top enterprises such as Zhong Tong Bus to research new energy buses and electric logistic vehicles with a longer driving range and a more comfortable experience, and to construct an all-round supplied new energy vehicle production factory.
After 27 years of development, introducing advanced technology as well as initiative research, Megaunity environmental is able to provide systematical air pollution control solution for clients’ factory with high quality in areas of smoke and ash controlling, fume purification and VOCs controlling. We have become a loyal partner with China First Heavy Industries, COFCO Corporation, CRRC Corporation Limited, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd and a series of state-owned macro enterprises, and offer services for great companies in and abroad from automobile industry, transportation industry, fine chemical industry, lithium electricity and other areas. Our wish is to build a beautiful ecological environment with all of the environmental protection personnel and to strive for blue sky and white clouds of our future generations.

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