Talent Development

  • Employment Ideality

    Attract talents with career and development;

    Unite talents with culture and emotion;

    Cultivate talents with work and training;

    Temper talents with performance and assessment;

    Attain talents with platform and mechanism.

    Attract talents

    The industry engaged in is the environmental protection industry, which benefits the nation and the people and is a sunrise industry. So talents can gain the sense of occupational pride.

    Customer orientation; providing products and service for world top 500 enterprises. Standing on the shoulder of giants, talents can gain a sense of work achievement.

    The grand vision of building a hundred years’ enterprise and creating world brand can appeal ambitious excellent persons to create something great together!

    Unite talents

    1)Culture: people oriented

    God bless Megaunity, harmony with people and earth; self-discipline and stabilizing others; care the world while you are better off

    Employees oriented!

    2)Emotion: harmony  Grow with the company

    There is no strict grade separation between company managers and subordinates. Company managers more likely to play the role of tutors. They guide work behaviors and technical ability of employees to guarantee task completion. 

    Cultivate talents

    The company provides various training opportunities to employees.

    Encourage employees to grow while working.

    Temper talents

    The company carries out performance management system, which requires employees to improve their professional quality and responsible for their job responsibilities and departmental objectives.

    Monthly/quarterly/annual performance bonus is correlated to performance, which embodies the principle of more pay for more work. 

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