Talents are the capital and the most precious wealth of enterprises. The door of MEGAUNITY is always opened to all who are interested in the cause ofenvironmental protection.

The company's employment criteria: be equipped with innovative thoughts and ceaseless enterprising spirit.

The competition mechanism of the company: promotethosecapables, replace the mediocres, and relief thoseinadequente.

The company does everything it can to achieve: people and position fit in each other.

The company not only retains talents by means of remuneration but also by means of career and relation.

Benefits for Talent Introduction

Talent Training System

Dalian MEGAUNITY Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. organizes all employees to carry out various types of training for creating various kinds of learning opportunities for employees. The Company has a complete training incentive mechanism, through which employees can not only carry out professional technical exchanges but also obtain the education of corporate culture concepts, which enriches the recreational entertainment. They are divided into the following by training content:

Routine practical training - involving professional and technical knowledge, sales skills, safety and fire prevention, management methods, leadership skills, business philosophy, etc.

Training suitable for senior leadership - including strategic and developmental contents of the enterprise.

Individual advanced education related training - such as certificates of professional title, qualification certificate, professional and technical certification, spoken English, etc.

Training on the promotion of employee's academic qualifications - such as promotion from a junior college degree to a bachelor's degree, etc.

Overseas training - such as studying abroad, participating in exhibitionsabroad, etc.

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