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The company has the first-class qualification of professional contracting for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering issued by the ministry of construction of China. In the past 24 years, we have actively promoted foreign cooperation and established contact with internationally renowned companies to provide customers with professional engineering design, product manufacturing, mechanical and electrical installation, construction management, operation and maintenance as one service.In the automotive coating workshop ventilation engineering field of high level by DURR, EISENMANN, mechanical industry ninth design and research institute co., LTD., China automotive industry engineering company and other customers highly recognized, and long-term with the world's top 500 automotive enterprises to maintain close cooperation.

Electromechanical ventilation business mainly through the industrial plant air temperature and humidity regulation, improve the production environment, so that employees work more comfortable, the products produced more quality, and ultimately create high added value for customers.

Since its establishment, the company is mainly engaged in car coating workshop of air environment, take the good faith, innovation as the core values, dedicated to high quality engineering services, and the industry customers agree, long service in Benz, BMW, ford, Volkswagen, audi, such as European and American high-end car manufacturers, set a good corporate image, the largest supplier of ventilation system to become the domestic automobile industry, ventilation pipes in the 15th annual exports of the United States, and get the customers highly appreciated, to overseas market successfully.

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