Organic Waste Gas Treatment Series

MEGAUNITY is a high-tech enterprise developed by independent R&D and technological innovation. In cooperation with the excellent enterprise Hayahara Japan in the field of VOCs governance, and fusing the advanced VOCs governance technology and quality management concepts of Japan and MEGAUNITY ‘s excellent system process design and project organization and management capabilities together, MEGAUNITY have developed into the most competitive environmental protection equipment company in the field of VOCs governance in China to meet the requirements of virous customers' on-site working conditions, and provide customers with customized service integrating process design, core equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of VOCs governance system.

Application Industry

Coating、Chemical、Pharmacy、Printing、Petrochemical Engineering

System advantage

  • Focus on thermal oxidation technology: RTO, KPR+RTO, RCO, CO;
  • Independent research and development and foreign technology introduction;
  • Safety, stability, sustainable environmental protection standards;
  • Energy saving and low maintenance cost;
  • Cloud platform;
  • 60+ successful cases;

System design services

  • Investigate existing energy requirements, exhaust gas composition, temperature and concentration;
  • Assessment of emission compliance and energy recovery;
  • Evaluate possible solutions by observing the economic indicators of different types of devices;
  • Providing design services in the process of making plans and evaluating economy;
  • Submit design results;
  • Evaluating investment costs;
  • Submit the best solution and quotation, reduce the customer's comprehensive cost;
  • Work with customers to develop implementation plans;
  • Provide training and guidance to your staff on new technologies.

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